House of Hunger

On Saturday (14/05/2011) I took part in a poetry slam for the first time; my conscience was fed and my soul was finally free from the chains of silence. The House of Hunger Poetry Slam took place at Alliance Franchise in Parkview and it attracted poetry lovers from all over Gauteng.

I have new found appreciation for the human brain, it is such a complex structure that works uniquely in every human being, this was evident in the poetic diversity expressed on Saturday. Performances ranged from really deep spiritual poetry to witty poetry, with most of the performances leaving me in awe of the talent that was being displayed.

I had told myself that I was going to alliance franchise as a student to learn from the great minds and poetic giants of our time; to my surprise I made it to the 2nd round 🙂 , it was more than I had expected considering that I was new to the world of slam poetry. I still have a long way to go but I’m glad I took the first step by registering for the slam.

There’s no going back from here, although it will not be easy, I will find a way to balance my studies and poetry; I must. One should always make time for the things they love and that it what I plan to do.

House of Hunger, thank you for introducing me to the world of poetry.

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