If my soul be…

If my soul be a pavement then my conscience is constantly silenced by the stomping feet of those who choose to walk;
If my soul be a womb, it is in pieces for society’s sperm is cannibalistic;

If my soul be government then my views are corrupt and I too am greedy;
If my soul be religion then my words like Isaiah’s are prophetic;
If my soul be poor, then my heart with love is fully sheltered;
If my soul be breasts then it too is constantly in need of support;

If my soul be full of revelations then my lips are an instrument for the spoken word revolution;
If my soul be a campus then my lower limbs are a wheelbarrow being driven in the right direction;

If my soul be blind, my views are filled with stereotype;
If my soul be deaf then I to your negative prophecies I refuse to listen;
If my soul be vain, I stand in awe of my physical appearance and that of no other;
If my soul be stubborn then in my struggle for a degree I shall forge in resistance;

If my soul be dead then I too seize to exist!

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