Dark Lords and Emperors

Dark Lords and emperors who roam the earth like cowards in the dark,
Who torture the minds of those who dare to stay awake,
Riding the spirits of dead horses and torturing the souls of black slaves,
With armor so shiny and bloody it screams out ‘murderer’ ,
Eyes so fiery and pupils so constricted they resembled satan’s,
Voices so fierce a mere whisper shakes the earth to its core,
Laughter so evil it too scares witches,
Tongues that look like that of a serpent’s,
Skin so pale and blue it resembled death,
Nails so long they’d rip my heart out instantly,
With hair so white it sparkled,
Hearts so cold they gave mid winter a run for her money,
Breast fed by demons they bathe in blood,
I saw them:
Dark Lords and emperors who roam the earth like cowards in the dark.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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4 responses to “Dark Lords and Emperors

  • unsungpoet

    Wow!!! You describe them so well. This is one of several where you speak of the dark lords who steal away like “cowards in the dark” (excellent description) and I must say I’m intrigued; also very impressed by your handling of their existence.

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