Eruption of the mind by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

Eruption of the mind

The mirror has a thousand faces,
Only one of them is a true reflection of your soul,
Take charge of the soul don’t lose the visual…

Corruption – Eruption of the mind triggered by realization,
Letting go of the chase after sugary dreams,
Rock Paper Scissors; life is a game rock beats scissors,
The blind can’t be Ceasers, theory-based reign ceases
Rain starts to spatter patter moistening my closed crusty eyelids,
Eyes Open –
No shepherd no sheep, all equal in stance and in sleep,
Seems now I’m just interpreting my dreams

Corruption – Eruption of the mind triggered by realization,
Rationalization of the ignorant mind,
The ignorant versus the sophisticated –
Don’t get me wrong, I too get excited
It’s a free circus show everyone is invited −
Pathetic sympathetic gestures to conceal the real game,
Lack of balance, it’s a race to fame,
Who gives a damn about the shame?
The ignorant label it government,
The educated go with parliament,
I think it’s just intellectual harassment.

Not trying to point out, I’m merely expressing,
Like hell seeing is believing, seeing is seeing,
Believing is consumption of poisonous jargons
that serves as escapisms to the oppressors.
Freedom, an unspoken word in the lips of the oppressed,
a misunderstood word in the mouths of the blind –
Reserve a portion of your imagination;
your escapism from a Babylon-rooted world.
All of the government is rats!
Eruption of the mind triggered by realization.

Mutsinda Netshitungulu

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