Wasting bullets by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

I go round and get around my head trying to stop the
merry-go-round that has become my dread,
Reindeer packages of the summer nights could not come any later;
When is Jesus’ birthday coming? Maybe I’ll get a smile for a present this year.
Rain . . . Dear that was yesterday, it doesn’t rain on us anymore,
Now I stand on top of a mountain of memories so close to heaven
I can almost lick moonlight to console my dreadful heart.

Lies are deafening, pain is sickening, I know it’s about time I murder the devil
But every time i turn around to shoot at him all I find is his shadow,
So yes, against all rather positive odds I continue to lie to myself just to get by,
Inflicting more pain unto myself with each lie,
It’s amazing how up until this day I still cannot die,
Let me reflect back to the past right after this sigh –

I remember when you asked me whether I live in the real world
or in the world I create in my own artistic head,
Time being time, against us, I never got to answer you,
In my mind this is what I said though:
The real world is full of unrealistic measures and achievements
that people are yet to achieve, it gives me something to look forward to.
The world in my head is full of unrealistic measures and achievements
that I’ve already achieved, I bask in the comfort of knowing
that I’m perennially ahead of time.
Still I live in neither one of the two worlds, they are just not enough for me,
My world is instantaneous; it’s in the state of the mind,
It sways and changes like an amusement park full of mood swings,
Its culmination point comprises of me flying on angel wings,
Only when you were here my world – my state of mind –
was able to prevail and last as a coalesced of beauty
comparable to the softness of your rosy-red lips.

I know it’s about time I murder the devil for taking you away from me,
Coz now I go through the day wasting emotional bullets
shooting down trees that so much as to stare at me for no reason.
But, at the end of the day I crawl back into my baby-like nature
in which I was born
And pray to God that I may be reborn!

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