Hit and Run

Freak accident,
Permanent injuries sustained,
On my death bed helpless I remained,
The angel of death; my attempt he declared a ‘failed suicide’
How can it be declared a failed suicide whereas I was a victim in a hit and run accident?

Both heaven and hell put an invisibility cloak at their entrances,
They wouldn’t let me in,
All I wanted to do was escape the pain that came with the deep scars and my wounded soul BUT
I couldn’t, for both heaven and hell shut me out

It was a ‘hit and run’ type of accident,
He hit it and he ran,
He entered and before sunset faded,
I gave him all of me and now him I’ll never see,
A wounded soul all because of that hit and run.

If only time had stood still when I was caught in the moment,
Had my parasympathetic system taken over,
If only I had blocked his vehicle,
Had I took time to study the rules of the road,
Maybe just maybe it wouldn’t have been a ‘hit and run’ ,
Now HIV has become a part of me,
all because of that ‘hit and run’ , a one night stand!!

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