A troubled child

I am that shadow that roams the alleys in the night,
That image that vanishes as soon as there’s light,
My presence makes you feel that something isn’t right;

That husky voice whispering over your shoulder,
With an aura that makes many men shiver,
That cold drop of water that sends shivers down your spine in mid winter,
A cold and heartless monster;

I’m that monster that makes your hair stand on end,
That creepy crawly underneath your bed,
That vivid image resonating in your head,
Your worst nightmare, yes I’m bad!!

I’m that spirit with a vengeance,
That demon that seeks repentance,
The reason behind your guilty conscience,
That bully who thinks that screams and tears are of paramount importance,
I’m he who is to be blamed for your impotence,
With a spell binding utterance!

I’m that ancient esoteric allusion,
That recurring vivid nightmare that never has a conclusion,
I’m that misleading visual illusion,
The reason behind your ‘sweet dream’ occlusion,
That thorny evil protrusion in your conscience,
That guilt inside you that seeks spiritual extortion;

I’m that noise that your house makes in your sleep that makes your alarm beep,
The reason behind your emotional garbage being so steep,
That cut in your soul that’s really deep,
That horrible memory that you don’t wish to keep;

I am a figment of your imagination,
Your guilty conscience,
A creation of your subconscious,
I’m the inner you desperately seeking for attention,
I am that incident you’re still holding onto,
I am a whirlwind of YOUR emotions,
That daunting image haunting you; that’s all you,
I am you;
A troubled child and I need help!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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“I am you; a troubled child and I need help”


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