Words of a Poetic Liberal by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

To my prominent society

We live in a cruel world the order of things has assumed a different shape,
Sunrise and sunset are both the same in my pebble eyes,
I stare and admire as the sun makes its way across the agitated skies
to my broken sanctuary of dreams,
The only thing that remains intact is in fact poetry and her unborn offspring,
unwritten verses the future inhabitants of this world I live in,
the blood that runs though my pain-infested veins, the only element
with the impact to resurrect fallen heroes apart from memories.
But you know what they say – Poetry is for the insane!

Yea I’m insane; by all means I’m insane!
I would rather be insane than be sane and same as these intelligent fools
who rule with rules aimed to maim my brothers’ souls,
I would rather be insane than be sane and same as these intelligent fools
whose rules aim to disguise their agenda of tearing out freedom’s soul
from its struggle-based roots and feed it to the birds of the sky,
I would rather be insane,
I would rather be insane and hide behind paper shadows than be sane
just so I can see my brother starving by the roadside,
pushing stolen trolleys for a living, cheated and beaten by a system
that hides behind words of fake freedom, enslaved to a life
that seems to be living him now.
I would rather be insane and spend my days seeking sanity between pages
coz alcoholic beverages are intoxicating but the spirit of a poet
is immune to elemental hypnosis, I still cannot lose my sense of detecting sense
so I know……..

I know how now 12year olds no longer wear underwear for the sake of fitting in,
Yet they know how niggers wear their souls under the soles of their feet
and trample on their frail lives with their super sized egos,
I know how on every street corner a black brother goes to sleep
on the ground harder than a rock every night,
how my lady freedom is begging for refuge at the gates of hell
coz the sights of South Africa are too excruciating for her,
all the brothers who fought and died to secure a place for her in our hearts

fought a pointless war coz now in 2011 we are skilled in scorning her,
ridicule her with pictures of mockery, tie her to the backs of our vehicles
and drag her around in dry gravel electrocuting her with poisonous words,
I know how everyday another voice to the songs of freedom dies
And little by little the songs are losing the light to brighten our hearts
So we blow them like we do candles just before engaging in sexual relations.

I know! I know how all I know is that I know nothing at all so I sit here every day,
stare at the sun try to inherit its energy, steal a lil’ sunshine for tomorrow for
the day is cursed only the illuminated will survive,
But the sun is growing lame, tired of rising to a world of poverty, oppression,
mediocrity in class, continued ancient struggles and voices of poets who are not heard.
And who am I in all this chaos?
I’m just a pebble-eyed stuffed animal trying to get to heaven before curfew!

Mutsinda Netshitungulu

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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2 responses to “Words of a Poetic Liberal by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

  • wordbender

    As always my friend writes and expresses from the (he)art and is not bound by norms.words are used intricately to paint a descriptive view of how the ‘insane’ are happy in their own realm, not bothered by the world of the sane. Let’s keep flooding the empty wells of the spoken art till the brim of society spills truth….

    Word is…


  • mutsinda

    Wat u see ryt here is boiling uvuko inspiration manifested thru the he(art) of an insane. The insane is the Elite. Thanx man.

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