Marriage Proposal

Allow me to take control of the universal clock,
Our happily ever after to unlock,
Freeze all of earth’s watches for eternity so as to make time stand still so all of earth can honour our unity,
Disappoint the Goddess that watches over the alternating movements of the Moon and the Sun,
So God can watch over you and I as we make our happily ever after, In a paradise filled with romance and laughter,
As our souls merge and become one entity,
You my love shall make my knees weak for all eternity,
And you shall display eternal purity, divinity and serenity
As we build our very own paradise surrounded by love and tranquility.

Allow me to make time stand still,
So the Sun can shine its light on us for all eternity and the night cannot hide your beauty away from me,
Give me a chance to prevent the dark lords who roam the earth like cowards in the night from stealing you away from me,
Allow me to ensure that the moon never charms you with his smooth poetic lines and rhymes,
Allow me to make time stand still

Grant me the opportunity to ensure that this moment lasts forever,
A chance to look into your soulful eyes up until infinity,
Let’s merge our hearts with that of God and form a sacred secret trinity,
Let me be the one to embrace your femininity and give you children to honour your fertility,
Allow me to father children that will not be limited by time constraints,
Children that will know not of age, deadlines, nor day and night,
Oh please grant me the opportunity

Allow me to go down one knee and make clear my intentions to espouse you,
To take rightful ownership of your curves and luscious lips for after all yours shall be mine till the end of time but in this case there shall be no end of time,
For if you’ll let me I’ll put an end to time,
Dear sweetheart, please be my queen, will you marry me? Truth is I truly love thee

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