A photographer to join the blog

The blog's  new photographer

The blog’s new photographer

I have decided to let the blog grow, hence I’m bringing more people on board and changing the name of the blog (as soon as I figure out how to, lol); the blog will still remain a poetry and photography blog but it will no longer be about just me, my poetry and photos.

A name change is long overdue since I had already cut Mutsinda (Mt) Netshitungulu into the poetry side of the blog.

Rudzani (Ru) Smata, a poet and photographer will be the latest addition to the blog and hosting some of his beautiful photos on my blog (soon to be more than just my blog) will be an honour.

I will keep you updated and I’ll be sure to ask for your input with regards to a new name after I figure out how to change it.

Crazie Medic

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