Thank You

In its first 6 Months of life, the blog received 1664 views. In January the blog only had 32 views of which lately, the blog can get in just a day. Last month I had a target of 600 views which I managed to surpass by 108 resulting in 708 views in the month of June.

I owe the growth of this blog to all of you who take the time to follow the links I post of Twitter, Facebook, BBM and WhatsApp and the links I send you via sms. I also appreciate the fact that some of you even forward the links to your friends, colleagues and relatives.

Thank you for all the comments, suggestions and most importantly the views. Getting to share my gift with the world is all I’ve ever wanted to do and all of you have made it possible.

Thank You 🙂

Tshauambea Elizabeth Ndou

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I am a lover of poetry and nature; a writer and aspiring photographer. View all posts by tshauambea

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