Neon Lights by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

Neon Lights

The neon lights are beautiful tonight
Hanging from indefinite heights almost reaching heaven,
Brighter than the street lights that decorates every street
from corner to corner;
Its a busy night for my city Joburg tonight.
One deviation from my journey and I’m a dead man,
I must be a descendant of a clan of fortunate souls
Coz I have survived 1462 days of your highly spoken-for wrath
Each day going in and out, going in and out
the very heart in which you incubate demonic existence.

Seasons change and so do reasons,
They pass through you and leave you standing,
Your neon lights remain untouched and unchanged,
I walk through you on my journey seeking treasures
In which I find God smeared in red lipsticks
on the fresh lips of strange women,
I find divinity in ugly faces
and freedom in the innocent faces of children,
I find beauty in spoken word echoing
through your long neon-lit endangered streets
and I find life in everything I find
knowing very well that death is just a moment away.

For as long as these colorful neon lights hang,
I know you will always cheat metamorphosis when you…
When you inhale dusty fumes from angry men and electric trains,
toxic stench from your decorative dumpsters,
and exhale LIFE!

Netshitungulu Mutsinda

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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2 responses to “Neon Lights by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

  • unsungpoet

    Another truly rich poem. You do have a way with words my friend. I also like the way you are “still waiting to see” about yourself…that’s cool!…Don’t ever get backed in a corner…

  • mutsinda

    thank you unsung poet for continuously finding sense in my words. This piece is featured along with other poets’ works in “The Ground’s Ear”, an anthology which is coming out pretty soon, halla at for details

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