Time principles by Mutsinda Netshitungulu

Now listen here, you will stand afar and watch time pass you by…
I really can’t explain everything but it will never disappear from your sight,
Some will observe it through broken windows from the comfort of their shacks,
Some will buy PVRs trying to get a better replay-able view of it.
It will be your curse, your blessing, your usual norms and bore, night and day,
The pen pushers will constantly arm themselves with their inky tridents
and build paper staircases trying to define it,
The scientists will build gadgets and toys, clocks and sophisticated
machinery trying to define it but none of you will succeed,
Instead you will both curse Morpheus, why the fuck is he the god of dreams
If there is no god who makes dreams come true?

You will stand afar and watch time pass you by,
Witness the mythical Ice Age, Stone Age, Iron Age, Sex Age and the Information Age,
At some stage in your pathetic lives you will break the ice and finally bath off
the remaining sand particles of the dust from which you were created,
stone your fellow brother trying to rule with an iron fist, master the art of sex
and for the love of money you will call it Kama Sutra, but the information age…
The information age will be your greatest curse,
The bigger it gets the less your chances of understanding time,
It will give rise to insomniacs, xenophobes, the rebirth of Babylon
and little Babylonians, self-acclaimed stars trying to cheat time,
Battles between the moon and the sun and digital versions of Nostradamus,
But the more you try to understand time the more you will move
towards absurdity.

You will succumb to honesty, lies, rains, veins….
Slow down time with narcotics to the point in which you will see rain turn into blood
and feel the same blood tip-toeing within your veins trying to ignite
a palpitation in your heart to get you to kick back, relax and hear the same rain
divide honesty into your side of the story, his side of the story and then the truth.
You will eat and drink sweet and sour hot and cold beverages attempting to gut down portions of guilt but time will always remind you of real time commotions.
You will find joy in weird places and trust me I will be ok with that but…

You will never control time because the souls I gave you are only finite,
This land you walk in is still mine and someday I will reclaim it,
Just because I decorated limbo, gave it night and day, threw in a little green
and called it earth doesn’t mean you will unlock the secrets of its principles.

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