We need not Say Nothing

We need not Say Nothing
We were here first, laid out before us was a different entity
stretching as far as the outskirts of knowledge different from the current reality,
We took care of earth and built heaven from scratch
with stones we curved with our bare hands,
Mother Nature was always pleased with us and to return the favour
she taught us the secrets of creating and manipulating artistry.
We framed visions of images perceived by the mind alone
and hung them on the walls of the hallways of time
for future generations to bow down in respect to us.

We were here first I say –
When emotion came swirling down from the essence of humanity
we took it in like men and women of a first generation and blamed no one,
We discovered love and kept our mouths shut
for future generations to rediscover and redefine it,
Had we known they will redefine it with vile personalities
of course we would have claimed its birthright,
We witnessed many births and reincarnations of reality
through circular and spherical lenses and zeroed mindsets,
We didn’t stop there – we rebelled against rebels
of a peaceful existence with our words and our words alone,
Our words alone allowed us to metaphorically showcase
the contents of our hearts while we stood in front of our reflections
challenging oblivion to deadly duels,
Subconsciously subtracting unnecessary substances
to evolve and resolve missed perfections.

Our story never reaches an end,
Endings are reached by they who let hopes hang and die,
We have lived, served and got served,
We will live, serve and get served – we were here first,
Let they who choose to believe what they want to believe
believe in what they choose to believe but we were here first,
Occasionally alchemising our bodies to expose the glory we bear within,
But we need not say nothing, let alone say who we are,
We were here first!

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