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As the sun sets: The earth a candle stick and the sky a candle flame – by Awelani Mulaudzi

There's Art All Around Us - Captured by Awelani Mulaudzi

There’s Art All Around Us – Captured by Awelani Mulaudzi

Art is all around us and this simple image captured by Awelani Mulaudzi proves that.
The sun in this image looks like a magical candle flame or a fiery portal opening up in the sky. I love watching the sun as it sets, its amazing and its evidence that our Creator is artistic.

I just had to post this picture on the blog, I love it.


Thato Sehlabela – A Lenticular View of The World

WordCatalyst -  Thato Sehlabela

The WordCatalyst – Thato Sehlabela

This month Rhymes And Frames introduces you to a very talented photographer, Thato “The Word Catalyst” Sehlabela.

Thato Sehlabela, a law student and photographer from Tembisa is one of the select few that prefer viewing the world from their camera lenses. Thato says he takes pictures whenever an opportunity presents itself (which is almost all the time) and he’s only been doing so since late February this year. Looking at his pictures, one would think that he has years of experience; just goes to show how far one can go with skill and a good eye.

When asked what fuels his love for photography, Thato replied : “What fuels my love for photography is being able to let people share in on the way that I look at things; normal things that we pass by without taking a second glance at. I guess with photos you can take more than just two glances. This other girl once told me, “Take a picture, it lasts longer…” .”

Thato takes pictures recreationally but he’s done a couple of professional jobs. He says he doesn’t see himself as a professional, not quite yet anyway.

It was Thato’s ‘Birds of A Feather’ that caught my attention:

Birds of A Feather by Thato Sehlabela

Birds of A Feather by Thato Sehlabela

This image of a grasshopper that is missing one of its hind limbs titled Appreciation touched me :

Appreciation, a

Appreciation captured by Thato ‘wordcatalyst’ Sehlabela

I have a thing for sunsets and this image titled Sunset in Tembisa appealed to me:

Sunset in Tembisa by Thato Sehlabela

Sunset in Tembisa by Thato Sehlabela

For bookings email:

Follow these links to see more of Thato’s photographs:

Thato may not see himself as a professional photographer but with photos this raw and eye catching he is well on his way to becoming one.


Venda – An African Goddess

Vendalahatshikamuroho lamanakanaka,

Her curves; the hills, mountains and bending roads,

Her beauty; ever green, fruitful and smiling up to the heavens,

Her guardian; the ever blazing sun radiating its heat and light onto her chocolate brown skin,

Her soily womb; thick and fertile giving birth to nutritious fruits and veggies,

Fruits as delicious as those from Tshakhuma tshaha Madzivhandila,

Ndi Vendalahatshikamuroho lisa ladzi nwana nga ndala.

Her aura so pure and welcoming,

Her scent so clean and unpolluted,

The wind blowing out melodious tunes,

Hu pfala mifhululu na nanga dza tshikona dza Ha-Tshivhasa midi ya vhathu.

Ndi Vendalahatshikamuroho lo tondwaho nga Mwali;

Her body fluids blessed with healing properties;

Ndi madzivha a Fundudzi,

Her arms stretching out, reaching out to welcome her lost sons like the branches of Her Baobab Trees,

Her vagina sacred and rich in history sa bako la Tshavhadinda la Dzimauli ha Rammbuda Tshiwangamatembele lisa dzheniwi nga nnyi na nnyi,

Her breasts standing upright and firm even after daily breast feeding sa thavha ya Tswime.

*To be continued…

Its heritage month so I dedicate this month to Venda, my home. She is poetry on her own, no words can begin to describe her beauty; I love Vendalahatshikamuroho.

Vendalahatshikamuroho and Her Curves by Tshauambea Elizabeth Ndou

Vendalahatshikamuroho and Her Curves by Tshauambea Elizabeth Ndou

Short Story of A Stoner

Expose emotion to the eye of the clouds the clit of mother earth,
We fall in love with your rays for your love itself we are too infant to handle,
Expose emotion to the eye of the sky and they too will learn to evaporate,
The laws of chemistry must be upheld.

To age and calendars I salute, life has nothing more to teach me
Than to rain on me unstable raindrops of stability bearing lessons
On how to skate on my quivering concurrent trails of thoughts,
I parted ways with insanity the day I got stoned and called my mother
asking her what my name was, she laughed at me, she laughed with me,
I laughed at me too; she thought I was joking,
In another completely different universe parallel to this one
I was sitting in my stony henge of a house fiddling with concepts
weighing fragments of dreams on a balance scale,
All around me was modernised black and sticky tar
that made up winding roads that led to nowhere,
across all four walls of my stony henge of a house life lessons were written,
invisible to a sober eye and one of them translates:-
we die, we are reborn, we get happy, we get sad and the circle continues,
right in the heart of the Cartesian plane these contingencies make
build for yourself a castle and let it stand fully erect praising sunshine
and waving at stars

Life really has nothing more to teach me. . .
At that moment I understood my stony henge of a house, the winding roads,
the lack of description in this poem, the Cartesian plane and my mother’s laugh,
At that very moment fully under the influence of green herbs
I understood that between death, rebirth, happiness and sadness,
Whether I face them stoned chanting in infinite space,
Whether public perceptions serve as pats on my back when I need it,
The stony house was my castle of rest,
The winding road was were my daily routines took place
In which while rounding and rounding in infinite circles
I met death, rebirth, happiness and sadness countless times.
My mother’s laugh represented how one’s mind can be entitled
to its own confined domain, sheltered from external influence.

To age and calendars I salute, life really has nothing more to teach me. . .
I couldn’t mess with time, I couldn’t live with myself, even time is not forever,
Some dumb idiot must have peeled off the label that said “handle with care”,
Someday soon time will grow a mouth and tell tales of a stoner
whose path was not imaginary, my path is not imaginary,
I just failed to see my path because in my haste to chase the sun
all I saw was the clit itself and my misunderstood weekend casualties
that bore me a son I refuse to name.
And to the sun I exposed my emotions proclaiming my infatuation
and to nothingness my poor emotions evaporated,
With the herb wearing off now, let me shut out the gong sound of my thoughts
and try to make sense of the words I just wrote.

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A Mopane Worm; The Anomalous Emperor Moth by Lutendo Faith Khavhadi

Imbrasia Belina, a Mopane Worm; by Lutendo Faith Khavhadi

Imbrasia Belina, a Mopane Worm; by Lutendo Faith Khavhadi

Mopane Worms are mature caterpillars that feed on Mopane Tree leaves. In Tshivenda we call Mopane Worms Mashonzha. These worms are an african delicacy and are said to be of high nutritional value. Speaking of value, they are a valued commodity in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Mashonzha are very tasty when prepared properly, I would know because I eat them.

The beautiful image above was captured not very far from the Kruger National Park by Lutendo Khavhadi. Its the simplicity and the creativity of and in this picture that I fell in love with. How many people actually think of taking an insect, placing it on their palm and capturing an image of it? Its not just megapixels that make a great picture, its creativity and skill. Remember, creativity lies within each and everyone of us.