Thato Sehlabela – A Lenticular View of The World

WordCatalyst -  Thato Sehlabela

The WordCatalyst – Thato Sehlabela

This month Rhymes And Frames introduces you to a very talented photographer, Thato “The Word Catalyst” Sehlabela.

Thato Sehlabela, a law student and photographer from Tembisa is one of the select few that prefer viewing the world from their camera lenses. Thato says he takes pictures whenever an opportunity presents itself (which is almost all the time) and he’s only been doing so since late February this year. Looking at his pictures, one would think that he has years of experience; just goes to show how far one can go with skill and a good eye.

When asked what fuels his love for photography, Thato replied : “What fuels my love for photography is being able to let people share in on the way that I look at things; normal things that we pass by without taking a second glance at. I guess with photos you can take more than just two glances. This other girl once told me, “Take a picture, it lasts longer…” .”

Thato takes pictures recreationally but he’s done a couple of professional jobs. He says he doesn’t see himself as a professional, not quite yet anyway.

It was Thato’s ‘Birds of A Feather’ that caught my attention:

Birds of A Feather by Thato Sehlabela

Birds of A Feather by Thato Sehlabela

This image of a grasshopper that is missing one of its hind limbs titled Appreciation touched me :

Appreciation, a

Appreciation captured by Thato ‘wordcatalyst’ Sehlabela

I have a thing for sunsets and this image titled Sunset in Tembisa appealed to me:

Sunset in Tembisa by Thato Sehlabela

Sunset in Tembisa by Thato Sehlabela

For bookings email:

Follow these links to see more of Thato’s photographs:

Thato may not see himself as a professional photographer but with photos this raw and eye catching he is well on his way to becoming one.



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