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Star-Crossed Lovers

With the sweet melodious tunes of birds in spring and the alluring scent of flowers in full bloom we crossed paths,
Shakespeare’s ghost possessed Cupid who knocked us out and we soon took to our true forms; Romeo and Juliet reincarnated,
A modern day pale skinned, amber eyed Romeo with his highly pigmented, frizzy haired Juliet.
Our souls illumined the universe and we defied not only social norms but gravity!
To heighten our emotions we ditched our sight; love really is blind, we can testify for we went colour blind.

We defied gravity and ascended to cloud nine,
I stole his heart and he vowed to protect mine,
We painted celestial images of one another in the sky,
He was my muse and I was his,
As the sun set our souls intertwined and merged,
With each breath he took I felt my lungs contract,
We were one!
W e levitated to the moon and there he told me that I’m sooo fine and he promised we’d be together till the end of time.

I, his sky and him my moon;
The surrounding stars, fair maidens twinkling, twirling and curling their toes; desperate for his attention,
My moon shinning his bright light onto me, his sky and spitting his smooth poetic lines and rhymes so they’d know he was taken.
As morning came reality hit, Romeo and Juliet were star crossed lovers and so were we…


Load Shedding

Candle Light by Rudzani Smata

Load Shedding Inspired Image Captured by Rudzani (Ru) Smata

 Rudzani Ru Smata is a talented Photographer, Poet and an aspiring model. He is currently competing to become the Face of Markham; please follow the following link to vote for him: . Every vote counts and it will be highly appreciated. Registered voters also stand a chance to win awesome prizes.

For more pictures by Rudzani Ru Smata please follow this link: and


Waiting For The Train

Waiting For The Train

Waiting For The Train - Captured by Mutsinda Mt Netshitungulu

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Loskop Dam

Loskop Dam Boat Ride Images

It’s almost the end of my academic year and I’m really looking forward to going on holiday. I captured the images above last year during my vacation at the LoskopDam Forever Resort in Mpumalanga.  The scenery there was really amazing and I wouldn’t mind going back there again.

To read up more on this resort please follow this link:

Grey Skies

Brewing Storm - Loskop Dam Boat Trip; Captured by Tshauambea
Brewing Storm – Loskop Dam Boat Trip

Levubu Sunset

Levubu Sunset – Highlight of My Journey Back Home
I’ve had so many bus trips to and from Johannesburg since my tertiary level life started and I must say, a part of me dreads the long journeys of silence and sometimes the company of a stranger who’s giving you the cold shoulder or simply pretending that you don’t exist.  I always make sure that I get the window seat; that way I get to embrace mother natures beauty and I get to capture a few images every now and then using my 2MP Nokia 2700 camera. 
Venda is extremely beautiful when her sun rises and when it sets and my bus schedules fit in perfectly with this because when going to Johannesburg I leave home at sunrise and when returning from Johannesburg I get to Venda at sunset.  I captured the image above when the bus was driving past Levubu at sunset on my last journey home.


The Bridge by John Redwood Anderson



A view from Nelson Mandela Bridge by Aluwani Nemaxwi

A view from Nelson Mandela Bridge by Aluwani Nemaxwi


The pictures (above) captured by Aluwani Nemaxwi from the Nelson Mandela Bridge that lies between Braamfontein and Newtown in Johannesburg reminded me of a poem titled The Bridge by the late John Redwood Anderson for some reason. It’s amazing how the regular posts on photographs that I like have inspired some of my friends to unearth the photographer within them.

The Bridge


  Here, with one leap,

The bridge that spans the cutting; on its back

The load

 Of the main-road,

  And under it the railway-track.

 Into the plains they sweep,

 Into the solitary plains asleep,

The flowing lines, the parallel lines of steel—

Fringes with their narrow grass,

 Into the plains they pass,

 The flowing lines, like arms of mute appeal.



A cry

 Prolonged across the earth—a call

 To the remote horizons and the sky;

 The whole east rushes down them with its light, 

And the whole west receives them, with its pall

 Of stars and night—

The flowing lines, the parallel lines of steel.



And with the fall

Of darkness, see! The red,

 Bright anger of the signal, where it flares

 Like a huge eye that stares

 On some hid danger in the dark ahead.

A twang of wire—unseen

The signal drops; and now, instead

Of a red eye, a green.



Out of the silence grows

 An iron thunder—grows, and roars, and sweeps,

Menacing! The plain

 Suddenly leaps,

 Startled, from its repose—

 Alert and listening. Now, from the gloom

Of the soft distance, loom

Three lights and, over them, a brush

Of tawny flame and flying spark—

Three pointed lights that rush,

 Monstrous, upon the cringing dark.



 And nearer, nearer rolls the sound,

Louder the throb and roar of wheels,

The shout of speed, the shriek of steam;

The sloping bank,



Cut into flashing squares, gives back the clank

And grind of metal, while the ground

Shudders and the bridge reels—

 As, with a scream,

The train,

 A rage of smoke, a laugh of fire,

 A lighted anguish of desire,

A dream

 Of gold and iron, of sound and flight,

Tumultuous roars across the night.



 The train roars past—and , with a cry,

Drowned in a flying howl of wind,

Half-stifled in the smoke and blind,

The plain,

 Shaken, exultant, unconfined,

 Rises, flows on, and follows, and sweeps by,

 Shrieking, to lose itself in distance and the sky.


                                     By: JOHN REDWOOD ANDERSON.

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