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Thato Sehlabela – A Lenticular View of The World

WordCatalyst -  Thato Sehlabela

The WordCatalyst – Thato Sehlabela

This month Rhymes And Frames introduces you to a very talented photographer, Thato “The Word Catalyst” Sehlabela.

Thato Sehlabela, a law student and photographer from Tembisa is one of the select few that prefer viewing the world from their camera lenses. Thato says he takes pictures whenever an opportunity presents itself (which is almost all the time) and he’s only been doing so since late February this year. Looking at his pictures, one would think that he has years of experience; just goes to show how far one can go with skill and a good eye.

When asked what fuels his love for photography, Thato replied : “What fuels my love for photography is being able to let people share in on the way that I look at things; normal things that we pass by without taking a second glance at. I guess with photos you can take more than just two glances. This other girl once told me, “Take a picture, it lasts longer…” .”

Thato takes pictures recreationally but he’s done a couple of professional jobs. He says he doesn’t see himself as a professional, not quite yet anyway.

It was Thato’s ‘Birds of A Feather’ that caught my attention:

Birds of A Feather by Thato Sehlabela

Birds of A Feather by Thato Sehlabela

This image of a grasshopper that is missing one of its hind limbs titled Appreciation touched me :

Appreciation, a

Appreciation captured by Thato ‘wordcatalyst’ Sehlabela

I have a thing for sunsets and this image titled Sunset in Tembisa appealed to me:

Sunset in Tembisa by Thato Sehlabela

Sunset in Tembisa by Thato Sehlabela

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Follow these links to see more of Thato’s photographs:

Thato may not see himself as a professional photographer but with photos this raw and eye catching he is well on his way to becoming one.



Rantoloko ‘The Truth’ Molokoane – ‘Read, Write Dreams Into Life’

'The Truth' transcending

‘The Truth’ transcending

This month Rhymes and Frames brings you:

Rantoloko Molokoane the Son of Ramabanta, the Sangoma who teaches in absence; Son of Masello the Christian mother who has mastered the art of suffering; Son of the forgotten gods; a writer from the township of Tumahole in the Free State who has been practicing his craft, nurturing it and learning ways to better tell the African story  for a decade now.

I have always known that poetry  has spiritual roots to it and Rantoloko ‘ The Truth ‘ Molokoane is living proof of  this, everyone who’s seen him perform will agree that his performances are out of this world and he delivers them like he is in a trance.  His spoken word journey has not been an easy one  though ; In 2001 he turned his mind away from academics and began to observe human behavior in all its absurdity and from there the writing began and  in 2008 he quit his job after finding himself immersed in unending depression because of a lack of utilization of his mind which led to extreme alcoholism. Since then he has been working tirelessly at his writing

Now with only a few years passed he has expanded from merely just writing poetry to even fiction novel (still being written). His work has been featured on One-2’s album ‘Microphone blank cheqk and on Inaudible poetry’s ‘Comprehension’ compilation.  Besides writing he has horned in on his experience of performing poetry for seven years to produce edgy performances that shatter limitations with their fusion of enactment and poetry so as to bring life to poetry.  He has performed around Gauteng tertiary institutions like VUT where he was exposed to the world of performing; TUT, NWU, UJ and at venues like Cramers Coffee at Balladry Composition’s poetry shows.  He has also had the pleasure of performing at the Word N Sound Series hosted by Afurakan at the Bassline and at the KPN session held at Market Theatre Lab hosted by Jefferson Tshabalala.  He has performed alongside some of the greatest poets like Romeo the Poet, Inaudible Poetry, and Quaz, and musical talents such as The Soil and Travellin Blak.

His writing is driven by the rich spiritual heritage of Afrika and the immense creativity that lies in the depth of its heritage. Driven by that he has found ways of writing material that awakens all to the realization that what we deem to be reality is but a mere fragment of a bigger reality that exists where creation moulds what we finally see.  Adamant that imagination is the key to breaking the bondages that anchor us in a reality that seeks to diminish us into the confines of a reality of those who have learnt to use creation to their bidding, he writes awe-inspiring image centred writing that challenges the reality that Africans are faced with by exposing the hidden boundaries of what is.  A strong believer in the quest to findings ways of celebrating African indigenous knowledge systems so as to once again instill pride in the African, especially the one battling with a township reality that instills despair in the minds of the African.

‘More than a writer I am a mere township boy who read to the point of seeing beyond the blinding surface of all’ – ‘The Truth’

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On August the 6th, Rantoloko shall launch his book titled: ‘Read, Write Dreams Into Life’

The cover of Rantoloko's Book: 'Read, Write Dreams Into Life'

The cover of Rantoloko’s Book: ‘Read, Write Dreams Into Life’

Book launch details:

Venue: Phehellang Secondary School in Tumahole; Parys
Date: 06 August 2011
Time: 14:00-16:00.

The book is a compilation of English poetry and essays written by Rantoloko Molokoane who has been writing for ten years now. The book will be sold on the day for R100 and ten percent of the book sales will go into buying African literature, History, Religion books for the township library which lacks in books.

For those who won’t be able to make it for the book launch, deposits can be made to:

Name: Rantoloko Molokoane
Bank: Capitec Bank
Acc: 1230 796620 and the book will be posted as soon as payments have been made.

The launch will feature a performance from Rantoloko Molokoane and a book signing session.

August Performances:

06 August- ‘Read, Write Into Life Launch’ at Phehellang Secondary School in Tumahole

07 August- DFL Slam Auditions at Wits University

13 August- Word n Sound Bassline Series @the Bassline in Newtown

20 August- African perspective vs Western perspective at N.W.U Van Der bijl campus

27 August- Intervarsity Spoken Mind Competition in Pretoria


Links to Rantoloko’s Youtube videos :

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‘The Truth’ speaks:

“Mine is a simple story, often misunderstood or silenced by descriptions such as deep.  It was year two thousand and one.  It had been years of attending prize giving ceremonies and listening to principals commending us academically gifted students for our hard work and dedication.  For me that had become a humdrum song of my life, but the comfort I knew was that these ceremonies took place only once a year and they passed.  The year was two thousand and one the school and a well-known NGO decided to have an impromptu prize giving ceremony for the best student in English for the previous year.  That student was me, and that didn’t sit well with me as I felt that my annual state of peace had been disturbed.  When I arrived home, Tumahole, the first thing I did was to grab my mother’s diary and wrote my first ‘poem’.  Since then I have yet to stop…”