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Learning to forgive myself


Writers’ Block

People hardly ever believe the fact that I don’t choose when to write and that whatever is is that I want to write about finds me and not the other way around.

The relationship between writing and I is one beyond my control, my poems find me. Poetry has found me through some of the most difficult times in my life, it has also found me at my happiest and sometimes it doesn’t even come looking for me. Its like a stranger that comes and goes hence I cannot claim it as my own, rather a visitor whose arrival I sometimes anticipate for months.

Poetry has been a stranger for the past 8 months; maybe it doesn’t see the need to comfort me, keep me company or add to my joy… Maybe poetry is giving me some time to find myself and resolve my issues, maybe it has packed and gone to never return but until then I’ll stay waiting.

I hope poetry returns to me to fill the blank pages on my notebooks and to give me that unique eye through which I see the world through its metaphors and strong vocabulary.

*Image source: http://dresswithcourage-elissa.blogspot.com/2011/12/blogging-through-writers-block.htmlImage

Amber My Beloved

My fingers yearn to strum her strings with my right elbow firmly gripped on her body.

My days aren’t the same without her beautiful tunes ringing in my head, her vibrations constantly birthing celestial melodies and her frequent collaborations with my poetry.

This is no poem, I just miss Amber, my beloved guitar. I cannot wait to go home and hold her close to me

By Tshauambea Ndou

What is a Poet?

“A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.” ~ W. H. Auden

By Tshauambea Ndou

My soul weeps

My soul weeps,
My ice cold heart has been melted into a river of tears,
Overwhelmed by the social inequalities that have spread like spores over the years,
Septic sores that have turned rural virgins into whores,
My soul weeps for humanity is in a coma, drifting closer to death daily.

My soul weeps for the widows who lost their husbands in struggle,
The same women that barely have food on their table,
Feeding on government’s promises that their husbands’ deaths were not in vain,
Waiting on their spouses blood to fertilise their barren soil.

My soul weeps for dust babies,
Whose only desire is to own a pair of shoes,
Who walk through dark valleys in pursuit of food,
The very same children left to nurse themselves for the angel of death has claimed their parents,
My soul weeps for Africa’s starving young.

My soul weeps for 13 year old Duduzile,
Forced into prostitution so she can fend for her younger siblings,
Constantly beat on like a marimba drum by her pimp,
The scars and wounds on her feet from those that wanted more than what they were willing to pay for,
Her legs, always open like a cheap Hillbrow store that knows not of any public holidays,
My soul weeps for 13 year old HIV positive Duduzile.

My soul weeps for the tenderpreneur,
He flashes his assets yet has an empty soul,
He drinks himself to sleep for the screams of those he cheated to get where he is are constantly tormenting him,
Exploiting minors to obtain his blood diamonds,
Over working orphans in sweat shops,
He lingers around expensive boutiques yet he knows not that salvation is what he really needs,
My soul weeps for the black diamond who knows not that he has sold his soul to the devil.

My soul weeps for the Congolese refugee who fled to South Africa in search of a better life,
Knowing not that he’ll be abhorred by hostile hearts,
Termed “lilwerekere” and set ablaze in broad daylight,
Not knowing his search for safety would lead him to his death bed,
My soul weeps for the Congolese refugee who fell into the arms of Xenophobia.

To be continued…



Entanglement - Image Captured by Mutsinda Mt Netshitungulu

 Mutsinda Mt Netshitungulu was the first addition to the Rhymes And Frames Family back when the blog was still called According To Crazie-Medic and he has immensely contributed to the blog’s growth and poetic and photographic diversity. His latest photograph titled Entanglement really touched me and has inspired me to write; it is very beautiful.

Rhymes and Frames will be bringing you more of his amazing photographs

To read some of his amazing poetry: https://tshauambea.wordpress.com/category/poetry/mutsinda-mt-netshitungulu/

Star-Crossed Lovers

With the sweet melodious tunes of birds in spring and the alluring scent of flowers in full bloom we crossed paths,
Shakespeare’s ghost possessed Cupid who knocked us out and we soon took to our true forms; Romeo and Juliet reincarnated,
A modern day pale skinned, amber eyed Romeo with his highly pigmented, frizzy haired Juliet.
Our souls illumined the universe and we defied not only social norms but gravity!
To heighten our emotions we ditched our sight; love really is blind, we can testify for we went colour blind.

We defied gravity and ascended to cloud nine,
I stole his heart and he vowed to protect mine,
We painted celestial images of one another in the sky,
He was my muse and I was his,
As the sun set our souls intertwined and merged,
With each breath he took I felt my lungs contract,
We were one!
W e levitated to the moon and there he told me that I’m sooo fine and he promised we’d be together till the end of time.

I, his sky and him my moon;
The surrounding stars, fair maidens twinkling, twirling and curling their toes; desperate for his attention,
My moon shinning his bright light onto me, his sky and spitting his smooth poetic lines and rhymes so they’d know he was taken.
As morning came reality hit, Romeo and Juliet were star crossed lovers and so were we…