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A Beautiful Sunset

The 5 megapixels on my phone’s camera do not do justice to the beauty that surround me in Venda. The skyline is always so beautiful at sunrise and sunset.I’ll miss such views when its time for me to leave.

A beautiful sunset as captured from my front yard

A beautiful sunset as captured from my front yard


Telkom Tower through my window on a rainy day

Telkom Tower through my window on a rainy day

Telkom Tower through my window on a rainy day

Northdene Rooftop View

By Tshauambea Ndou

Today’s Sunset

I love sunsets; they're always something to look forward to at the end of a long day

I love sunsets; they’re always something to look forward to at the end of a long day

By Tshauambea Ndou

As the sun sets…

Street Light Meets Nature's Light - Captured by Rudzani Ru Smata


 I’m grateful for being blessed with the gift of sight. These images captured by Rudzani Ru Smata is just amazing; I love them.



As the Sun Sets - Captured by Rudzani Ru Smata


Star-Crossed Lovers

With the sweet melodious tunes of birds in spring and the alluring scent of flowers in full bloom we crossed paths,
Shakespeare’s ghost possessed Cupid who knocked us out and we soon took to our true forms; Romeo and Juliet reincarnated,
A modern day pale skinned, amber eyed Romeo with his highly pigmented, frizzy haired Juliet.
Our souls illumined the universe and we defied not only social norms but gravity!
To heighten our emotions we ditched our sight; love really is blind, we can testify for we went colour blind.

We defied gravity and ascended to cloud nine,
I stole his heart and he vowed to protect mine,
We painted celestial images of one another in the sky,
He was my muse and I was his,
As the sun set our souls intertwined and merged,
With each breath he took I felt my lungs contract,
We were one!
W e levitated to the moon and there he told me that I’m sooo fine and he promised we’d be together till the end of time.

I, his sky and him my moon;
The surrounding stars, fair maidens twinkling, twirling and curling their toes; desperate for his attention,
My moon shinning his bright light onto me, his sky and spitting his smooth poetic lines and rhymes so they’d know he was taken.
As morning came reality hit, Romeo and Juliet were star crossed lovers and so were we…

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Loskop Dam

Loskop Dam Boat Ride Images

It’s almost the end of my academic year and I’m really looking forward to going on holiday. I captured the images above last year during my vacation at the LoskopDam Forever Resort in Mpumalanga.  The scenery there was really amazing and I wouldn’t mind going back there again.

To read up more on this resort please follow this link:  http://www.foreverloskopdam.co.za/