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Pinnacle Rock

Pinnacle Rock



We are constantly speaking through time,

Walking on emotional strands in the air suspended by validity,

Comfort in our backpacks front pockets overflowing with precepts and things of the sort,

We are constantly speaking through time holding open conversations with God

face to face made possible by lenses of hope, knees down praising validity

let our minds not be agitated by inconsistency of mind states

to perception we must hold and uphold,

Yes time validates genuine expressions and to time we will look up

but perception, perception is infinite.



Between me, you and infinity lies streets that blends in skin colours of a different race

randomly chosen every second of everyday and every night,

streets whose drainage systems overflows with blood of puppets and puppeteers

of different skin colours, men and women confused soldiers brought to this world

to feed the forever starving sun to a point of obesity,

At the corner of every street we stand holding open conversations with god,

Each one of us holding dear to his perception however random, repercussive,

different, distinct, original, however crumbly, each to each originating from a different server

constantly craving an upgrade,

At the corner of every street we stand and watch furrows on the roads

that flows blood as demographics continues to change perspective,

Each one of us holding dear to their perception –



Powerless to none, giving in to some, to this day we still get tickled

by the wind that blows west and stung by the wind that blows east,

Our morning voices can scratch and etch permanent screeching laments to the sky,

Our breaths can dissipate the golden colour that paints beauty to summer horizons,

Ideologists by nature, exposed to various angles of view,

happiness is imminent, we cannot help but to purge through the pores of our skins

bursts of happiness to saturate our atmospheres momentarily.

Whatever the origin, however crumbly, valid, distinct, different–

We stand at street corners having conversations with god, watching death,

Trying to comprehend the concept of happiness, each one holding firmly to his perception,

Perception is infinite.

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